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We are Noxfall Studios, a video game company based in Spain.

Founded in 2016 by three friends who decided that developing fun and entertaining games was their path to follow.

Our mission is to create an only good vibes community of gamers.

Our goal is to make our products hand in hand with the players’ feedback to develop awesome video games!

Our wonderful games!

Medieval Clicker and Bunny Pancake are some of our top games in the smartphone realm, with more than 3 Million downloads.

Our newest game, 1, 2 BLAME! was released for both smartphone and computer. This time, we decided to go for a social deduction themed game.

Devour this online multiplayer game where Agents unmask the Killer. However, we did add some never seen before features in games of the same genre to make it outstanding!

Find them here:

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Co-founder, Artist, Designer, UI/UX
Co-founder, Programmer, Designer
Co-founder, Programmer,
Designer, Game Director

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